About Us

Welcome to A Gate of Precious Stones. We hope you love what you see on our website:

A Gate of Precious Stones-Bringing hope to the hopeless and comfort to the brokenhearted. We believe God has an amazing plan for your life.


Who We Are

A gate of precious stones is a Christian organisation with a heart of compassion to lead, encourage and empower people from all backgrounds.

Our desire is to offer a helping hand to those who need support and a voice of hope to those who need reassurance.

What We Do

We minister to the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and social needs of people.

We offer practical support through events and workshops to empower, encourage and help people rediscover their life’s purpose and dreams.Our gatherings have community at their core. We aim to connect people to tackle issues such as loneliness and isolation, and to promote inclusiveness across a diverse group of people in the Wolverhampton area.

Version 2

Our vision & mission

In 2021, the Lord gave our founder, Sharon Akpoguma a vision based upon Isaiah 61:1-4 and from this, A Gate of Precious Stones was birthed.

  • Our beliefs and values are founded on Christ’s virtues, with the mission of bringing hope to the hopeless and comfort to the brokenhearted.
  • We believe in prayers; prayer brings healing to all areas of life physical, mental and emotional health.
  • We aim to build, equip and empower others.
  • Our vision is to transform communities with inspirational meetings through events, workshops and various platforms.
  • Our mission is to help the vulnerable, depressed and broken.
  • Our heart is to stand up for the poor, the needy, destitute and all those who are marginalised.
  • A Gate of Precious Stones is about community and connection.It is our hope that our ministry brings healing and aligns people to their destiny.